Essilor Lenses, a leader in visual health

Essilor is the world leader for corrective lenses. The success of the group, which is present in more than 100 countries worldwide, is the result of a strategy that has been driven by innovation for more than 160 years. From design to manufacture, the group develops a wide range of high quality lenses to correct and protect eyesight.

Essilor's mission is to enable everyone in the world to see well using lenses tailored to their needs. The group therefore devotes 150 million euros a year on research and development to offer increasingly efficient products.

The company's headline brands are Varilux®, Crizal® and Xperio®.

Essilor - seeing the world better


In 1993, Essilor launched Varilux Comfort®, a progressive lens that works with the wearer's natural posture, offering broad fields of vision that are easily accessible. If you are looking for a progressive lens that delivers instant adaptation and immediate visual comfort in all your daily activities, then New Varilux Comfort 360° is the right fit for you. This lens is optimized to your prescription and the lens design to offer a high level of performance over the entire surface of the lens.

Varilux Lenses


In 2006, Varilux made a breakthrough with the introduction of Varilux Physio. For the first time, wearers were able to experience High Resolution Vision. The previous success of Varilux Physio was based on a combination of 2 leading technologies: W.A.V.E. Technology™, a lens calculation method inspired by astronomy. ,360° Digital Surfacing™, a lens manufacturing process that delivers the highest levels of precision. However, the development did not end there. Essilor’s researchers continued to seek out ways to improve the Varilux Physio performance. Their research led to a major breakthrough; visual performance is improved by including the wearer's pupil into the calculation.

Crizal Lenses


All Crizal lenses are very transparent. They transmit nearly 100% of light and eliminate glare from artificial light providing many benefits. With a variety of high performance features built right in, Crizal lenses offer the best scratch and shock resistance properties making your lenses last longer. Also, since Crizal lenses don’t require a lot of maintenance, they are less likely to be exposed to the risk of scratches. With Crizal lenses, smudges and fingerprints are easily wiped off. Lenses are cleaned quicker, easier and less frequently. Finally enjoy optimal vision thanks to perfectly clean lenses. Anti-static technology available with most Crizal lenses actually repels dust so your lenses stay cleaner longer. The surface of Crizal lenses is very slick. Water slides off from it very easily. Now, you can enjoy rainy days!

Airwear lenses


Airwear lenses, whether clear or tinted, provide you with 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Airwear is the lightest material used in eyewear lenses, providing maximum comfort. Airwear lenses are the first-ever eco-friendly lenses manufactured with environmentally-conscious practices which allows the reduction of water consumption by 50% as well as recycling waste materials from the production process. If you lead an active lifestyle or you play sports, Airwear lenses are ideal for you as they protect your eyes from impact.

Xperio Lenses


Xperio is a new brand of polarized lenses that brings together the very best industry-leading designs and materials from the Essilor Group. With Xperio polarized lenses, you can offer your patients superior visual performance and optimal protection in the widest range of polarized offerings available. In fact, Xperio offers more than 30 unique polarized lens design, coatings and material combinations.

Optifog - Stop the fog with optifog


All lenses with Optifog come with the OptifogTM ActivatorTM kit and a certificate of guarantee. Ask for these elements when you receive your lenses with Optifog. For maximum protection against fog and optimal visual performance, ask your Eyecare Professional for Crizal lenses with Optifog.