Eyeglasses Services

Lab Fabrication

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Having a finishing lab on-site offers quick and convenient service. Turn around times are shorter for new prescription glasses and warranty lens replacements occur while you wait. The licensed opticians provide specialized service, such as: customizing lens shapes, edging prescription lenses from one frame to another, and soldering broken frames. Challenging repairs are welcome. Just because you sat on your glasses, you may not be out of luck.

Feel free to drop by for an estimate and discussion regarding the services you may need. If purchasing a new pair of glasses, special consideration will be made. We will be sure to do all that we can to help out.

Burnham Optical is pleased to provide the ultimate service experience. Every purchase at Burnham Optical comes with a lifetime service guarantee. Whether its an adjustment, change of nose pads, or an ultra sonic cleaning, we are always here for your service.


  • Soldering

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  • Nose Pad Replacement

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  • Temple Replacement

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  • Adjustments

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